2 thoughts on “The Journey Begins

  1. Hi Mel, I have been reading your blog and I even sent a long reply. Unfortunately don’t think I posted it correctly.
    Hope you are settling in to the new house. Seriously the burocracy sounds crazy. Very busy at school with both year 7 and 8 coordinators new at the job. Been at swimming carnival today. Talk soon.


    1. Hi Louise, so glad to hear from you. I have had Ben and Maddy here for the week but they left today. I just found out I have been accepted to present a short talk at PESA this year. Are you going this time? Its on the Gold Coast from 11-13th April. Is your apartment available? Maybe I could rent it from you for a couple of nights? I have to work it out. So EXCITED!
      I will come to Sydney for a few days before hand and then go up for the conference. My Mum’s 80th birthday celebration is scheduled to be at Lennox heads over Easter. Good timing.
      Miss you lots.


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